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last update: 26/11/2006

The Wulgaert name

Wulgaert reffers to wulg, which is old-dutch for willow tree. This is what the etymological dictionary of surnames in Belgium had to say about the Wulgaert surname:

Meaning: Ter Wilgen / Wulgen; wilg(eboom) - willow (tree)
Derived from: Verwulgen
Variants: van der Wilgen, van der Willi(n)gen, Verwilg(h)en, -ghem, Verwilligen, Verwulgen, -gem
Early occurances: 1391 - van Jans wive van der Wulghen, Wervik
1396 - Gillis van der Wilghen, Erembodegem
1419 - Angnees vander Wulghen, Kortrijk
1570 - Peter Verwilligen, Moerbeke-Antwerpen

Source: Dr. F. Debrabandere; Verklarend woordenboek van de familienamen in België en Noord-Frankrijk, 1993, Het Gemeentekrediet

Content of this site

Christoffel to Tim This page gives a detailed overview of the direct line between Christoffel Wulgaert, born in 1771, and Tim Wulgaert, born in 1978.
Family Tree The family tree gives a visual overview of the overall Wulgaert family.
Full Genealogy Here you will find an alphabetic list of all the persons in the family tree, a click on the person will bring you to the related page.
Unmatched Branches Ongoing research; a detailed overview of all the Wulgaert's that are still not linked to my family tree.
Geography A geographic overview of the Wulgaert's in the world.
Links Related and useful links.
Tim Wulgaert Personal website of Tim Wulgaert.

Other wulgaert.com websites:

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Update History

26/11/2006 A second daughter, a lot work, a lot of travelling. Unfortunately, I did not have to much time this year to perform research or update the website. Hope 2007 will be better :-).
07/01/2006 Updates to multiple branches + adding some photos to the unmatched branches page. The updates were based on online research and based on input from Jo Van Wymeren-Heraly and Chris Sarnowski. Thanks Chris & Jo!!
13/09/2004 Birth of Sam, daughter of Tim Wulgaert!
28/08/2004 Small correction of a typo in the data of Christoffel Wulgaert - Thank you for noticing this Ivo!
10/03/2004 Additional family news (upcoming birth) + a correction (Koen, the web master thanks his loyal and attentive public ;-).
02/01/2004 Thanks to Mike Hammen, I was able to complete and link some unmatched branches (previously indicated as the branches of Dominic, Cecelia, Charles, Edward and Alvina Wulgaert). This resulted in a new large unmatched branch (cf. Branch of Pierre Wulgaert) of 6 generations starting in Kluizen, Oost-Vlaanderen (Belgium) and ending in Wisconsin, US. Thank you very much for your contribution Mike!
30/08/2003 Three new unmatched branches have been added: Joanna Wulgaert born ca 1620, Judocus Wulgaert born ca 1600 and Léopoldine Wulgaert born ca 1850. The branches of Joanne Wulgaert (born ca 1695) and Richard Wulgaert were updated.
04/04/2003 The recent adjustments in the unmatched branches are now also present in the full genealogy overview. The full genealogy now contains 267 persons. The error messages that were present in that overview are also cleared out now (apparently there exist some buffer problems in the GreatFamily software).
29/03/2003 Thanks to Philippe Bruggeman (via Patrick Tuytschaever) I was able to add more information in the unmatched branch of Jean (aka Joannes) Wulgaert. Thank you Patrick and Philippe!
09/03/2003 In my recent research I came accross some new information; in the "Unmatched Branches" the family of Zacharius Wulgaert (ca 1605) has been added and other branches have been completed (Edward F Wulgaert, Alain Wulgaert).
06/03/2003 Unmatched branches that up to now were not present yet in my genealogy database have been added. As such their details are now also visible on the Full Genealogy page, extending that overview from 204 to 259 persons.
02/03/2003 On GenLias (www.genlias.nl), an online database containing a great part of the Dutch historic archives I found a reference to Peter Johannes de Mullewie, son of Petronella Theresia Wulgaert. The data has been added in the unmatched branches section.
27/12/2002 Further optimisation of the website + updating some of the links
24/12/2002 The design of the website has been optimised
14/09/2002 Thanks to Michael Wulgaert, I was able to complete and link some unmatched branches. This resulted in an unmatched branch of 4 generations starting in Belgium and ending in Wisconsin, US. Thanks for the help Michael!
16/08/2002 In my recent research I came accross some new Wulgaert's, they have been added in the "Unmatched Branches" page (have been added: the families of Bernard, Rosalie and August). I also added a link to the Ellis Island website.
07/08/2002 In my recent research I came accross some new Wulgaert's, they have been added in the "Unmatched Branches" page (have been added: the families of Richard, Alfred Gustaaf, Alida, Alain, Paulina and Clarisse Leonie). I also took the time to finalise my "Links" page.
23/05/2002 Minor update: I added a link to my guest book on the genealogy pages + minor corrections based on mistakes found by my niece, Elke Wulgaert, and my Godfather, Jacky Wulgaert. (Elke en Nonkel Jacky, bedankt voor de verbeteringen!)
15/05/2002 Minor update and some mistakes taken out (Dank u nonkel Jacky!)
25/04/2002 A major update of the genealogy pages; a new structure with a home page, a new geographic page, adding the data out of my GEDCOM file on the website.
14/04/2002 The wulgaert.tk domain links to the genealogy pages + the origins of the Wulgaert name are added as well as an geographic overview of Oost-Vlaanderen and the places featuring in the family tree.
11/04/2002 The "family tree", "Christoffel to Tim" and the "unmatched branches" pages are put online
07/04/2002 Birth of the Wulgaert Genealogy Website